Quantum Shift from Linear to Nonlinear

an excerpt from
Awakening the Holographic Human by Elizabeth E. Botchis, PhD.

“Scalar waves are an effective carrier of information that positively influences
psycho-emotional and conceptual insight.
As we become anchored within the
singular, universal source of the unlimited energy potential facilitated by a scalar
field, it becomes possible to shift to our awareness into other dimensions of

A system such as the EESYSTEM creates multiple bio-active scalar fields that
impact the human system at its core level, creating a high degree of psycho-
emotional resonance that illuminates the subtle celestial architecture of the mental
and emotional bodies.
The individual ego views the natural mind as a field of
influence within the underlying core identity. Within the scalar field, a spontaneous
shift to a more creative and uplifting pattern of cognitive activity can take place.
Belief structures that exist solely to encapsulate personality/mind and that habitually
reference past and future do not have a life-supporting value in a scalar field. When
the identity-bound mind is released from its security-based sensibility, a direct
physiological experience of buoyancy and psycho-emotional freedom is generated.

Ordinarily, human beings are held captive by linear emotions such as grief, anger,
jealousy, fear, worry, anxiety, and self-hatred. Linear emotion creates a closed loop
that feeds on itself, creating endogenous toxins and a buildup of fixed psycho-
structures. An individual finds it difficult to break free from past timelines that
reinforce reactive states.

As an individual bathes in multi-fields of the EESYSTEM, he or she breaks through
the boundaries of linear thinking by freeing the physiology to expose new radical
levels of cognitive functioning.
These levels go beyond our normal notions of seeing,
knowing, and feeling, stretching intelligence so that it can operationally self-perfect.
As the experience of a beneficent, omnipresent force enters the superstructure of the
psyche, it oversees the mind in a timeless process towards gaining lasting