The EESYSTEM works in the realm of life force energy, infusing the Mind Body and Spirit with revitalizing power and bestowing overall health and pain relief upon you as you relax in its field.

Link to the universe

Imagine lying down in the EEroom, feeling an otherworldly connection that transcends the physical realm.

This profound link to the universe brings about healing experiences so powerful that they have the potential to reshape your world for the better. As if guided by celestial forces your body’s energy fields are aligned.

The EESystem emits Bio-scalar waves and photonic energy at a subluminal speed (speed of light) which are healing frequencies that flow seamlessly with the body’s own rhythms, like a symphony of restoration setting the stage for self-repair and rejuvenation. I call it “Happy Wi-Fi” in that it is communicating to us on a cellular biological level using non-detrimental energies, but we can’t see it.

Rest. Recharge & Regenrate

At Aurelia Energy Healing as you Rest Recharge and Regenerate simultaneously while lying down in a beautiful peaceful cocooned environment with leather recliner chairs and salt lamps you have the potential to mend injuries, banishing illnesses and relieving mind body and soul of toxins and traumas that have accumulated over many lifetimes, allowing the energy that made the body heal the body.

Several things happen in the EESystem as it conjures the 5th dimensional energy blueprint of the individual which is non-hertzian and non-linear simultaneously while protecting you from EMF Wi-Fi and radiation. This is the marvel of this technology.

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It’s not just about the physical healing, but about the innermost journey of the soul.

Here, past traumas and emotional blockages dissolve into the cosmic void, freeing the spirit and ushering in a profound sense of wellbeing. All the while the cellular structures buzz with renewal, leaving you reborn from the inside out.

By bridging the gap between advanced technologies and the ethereal world of spiritual healing, it has the power to forever alter the landscape of wellness, amplifying the body’s energy potential. Not only does it allow the body to dissolve energy blocks but also infuse vitality back into the tired souls and reignite that body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Each session offers a gateway to renewed well-being. Consecutive sessions hold the key to unlocking the full potential of this transformative healing.

So, if you are ready to empower yourself towards a life of good health and self-fulfilment, then Aurelia Energy Healing is here to help you start your healing journey!

Dr Sandra Rose Michael

DNM, PhD, DCSJ Inventor, Researcher, Professor – Applied Integrative Biophysics Energy Enhancement Systems & Sandra Rose LLC

Born to genius scientists who met in Engineering Physics, Dr. Michael has taught holistic health for over four decades, including inventing the 1st effective “Scalar Healing Light Chamber” in 1978 in her Salon of Health. Dr. Michael’s lifelong, award-winning work in applied integrative biophysics has earned prestigious recognition, such as Presidential and International Who’s Who, lecturing at the United Nations, MIT, the World Health Summit, the Harvard Club, London’s Royal Society of Medicine, Mount Sinai Medical School, the Scalar Research Experts Conference, Tesla Tech, Regenerative Technology and Anti-aging Congresses, as well as numerous medical schools and Ministries of Health worldwide

Benfits Reported by Members

Enhanced Detoxification - Mind, Body & Spirit

Reduced Inflammation

Pain Relief

Improved Circulation

Imporved Sleep Quality

Better Immune Efficiency

Cell Regeneration

Improved Mental Clarity & Focus

Increased Energy Levels

Mood Improvements

Improved Balance

Vision Improvements

Faster Injury Recovery

Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Tension

Skin Condition Relief

Improved Self-Awareness

Depression Relief

Accelerate the Natural Healing Process