All of our products are Bio-Scalar Wave charged in the Aurelia Energy Healing EESYSTEM™

A true bio-scalar field organises energy fields while helping to neutralise and/or nullify detrimental effects of toxins, fumes, and electro-pollution. The scalar field modifies the molecular spin of the toxins, fumes or negative energy fields (such as EMF, ELF, microwaves, Wi-Fi, cell phones, airport radar, x-rays, CT Scans, non-ionising and ionising radiation) rendering them less destructive to the body since the fields are now harmonious and supportive of the body’s natural energies.

We are delighted to introduce the new Aurelia Bio- Scalar Wave Charged jewellery range!

Our homage to the Tesla 369 law of attraction, Nikola Tesla’s theory that the numbers three, six and nine represent higher dimensions above our own. Referred to by Tesla as “a key to the universe”, these sacred numbers represent the foundation of enlightenment and a gateway allowing us to manifest our spiritual desires on this earthly plane through positive thinking.

The 369 pendant range are Bio-Scalar charged at Aurelia, with the numbers 369 engraved in gold at the back of your favourite crystal. The pendant hangs on a 50cm silver necklace.

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