What is Aurelia™?

Discover the transformative power of Aurelia Energy Healing, integrating advanced Energy Healing Modalities with state-of-the-art technologies, including the revolutionary EESystem. Our holistic approach harmonises mind, body, and spirit, fostering optimal well-being and vitality through a synergy of ancient wisdom and modern science

What is Energy Healing?

Embark on a journey to optimal health with Energy Healing, a leading alternative and complementary therapy that integrates modern techniques, we leverage cutting-edge technologies such as the revolutionary EESystem, enhancing the holistic experience for mind, body, and spirit. Transform your well-being with our professional services, meticulously crafted to guide you towards holistic health and vitality.

Hala Roberts
Energy Healer

After having some negatively charged experiences with the current medical approach, I started to put my skills in research together with my intuitive abilities to good use and researched alternative and complimentary medicines with emphasis in the world of metaphysics.

Being an ‘intuitive’ most of my life, my fascination with the world of Quantum Physics and Metaphysics took my consciousness to a higher level and lead me to blending of the two together for a higher purpose. Travelling around the world I was then introduced to various healing modalities that taught me how to connect with the subconscious and identify, pull out, change, and resolve any energetic beliefs, patterns, and attachments that were subconsciously sabotaging their lives. Once these “stressors” were identified and energetically removed from the hosts energetic field, a persons’ mind, body, and soul was able to achieve a relaxed state allowing it to accelerate the healing process towards optimum health in mind, body, and spirit.

I have found Energy Healing to be gentle and non-invasive option to achieving life goals with unlimited and infinite applications with results that defy the norm but are a natural occurrence in the quantum field.

A consult with me consists of relaxing the mind by delving into your subconscious whilst in a meditative state using Touch for Health, Thetahealing, Hypnotherapy QHHT, Reconnective Healing and Matrix Energetics, allowing information from the subconscious to guide us towards balance and harmony activating one’s ability to heal our mind, body, and soul.

Then in 2017 my world of energy healing advanced and changed even further when I became one of the pioneers to bring the EESYSTEM into Australia.

Many people have asked me how did I get to know about the EESYSTEM back then?

20 years ago, I had read about an Agenda that was to take place on the planet that would negatively affect the health of most of the earth’s population, so I went looking for technologies that did what I did but on mass, which led me to Dr Sandra Rose Micheal (inventor of the EESYSTEM) in 2010.

Also, after studying with Dolores Cannon (Hypnotherapist) and reading all her books, I was given a direction as to where I could find these technologies. Dolores was a good friend of Gene Rodenberry who is the writer/director and founder of the popular Sci Fi TV series Star Trek (1960’s), depicting the planet Earth in the distant future, showing amazing technologies on the planet with regards to health, etc. This information was given to Gene Rodenberry through Dolores Cannons hypnotherapy sessions from her clients that had connected to their future lives, describing healing technologies of the future. This gave me the confirmation to go looking for them, leading me to the EESYSTEM.

I am what you call a healthy sceptic, in that when I learn of something new, I need to verify it personally and professionally through research and other types of validations, so having heard about the EESYSTEM it took me 6 years of research including going back and forth to the US and talking to other centres and scientists around the world before I committed to investing and bringing it to Australia.

I will continually educate myself and others in seeking new technologies to help humanity reach its ultimate DNA blueprint which will empower us to live our highest potential.

Overall my passion and goal is to help people achieve a state of good health and happiness in the highest and best way with grace and ease.

“If you can imagine then you can”.

Energy Healing modality qualifications – Thetahealing ; Reconnective Healing ; Matrix Energetics ; QHHT ( Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) ; Touch For Health (Kinesiology)

“I look forward to assisting you in enhancing your life, achieving good health and happiness.”

— Hala

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration”

— Nikola Tesla


I can not help feel but gratitude to Hala and her life changing Thetahealing sessions.

2010 was a year of massive change for me personally. My precious 26 year old daughter moved out of home and my beautiful Border collie had to be put down after 13 years of loyal companionship. I was in an emotionally draining on again off again relationship. my job of 8 years in a management role was a struggle. Sibling family issues also caused me a lot of stress. Hala was recommended and I went along to meet Hala and have a session. I really had no idea what I was about to embark on. I just knew I really needed to change something. I was so unhappy, I was crying on my way to work, not sleeping and feeling like I needed to make a change. My first session with Hala was like ”sweeping up the dust and cobwebs of my life”. Wow did I need it to be this way to catapult me into making a change.

I had a 2 week period from my first session to my next. It was 2 weeks of heaven and hell. But I needed to see that I couldn’t keep going on like this and it pushed me to listen to myself and make the changes I so desperately wanted to make. By the time I went to see Hala for my 2nd session I knew all the changes I wanted to make. I wanted to leave my relationship, leave my job, rent my home out and move to Bali and have 6months to 1 year off. I was able to finance my 1 year off with equity from my home, I gave 8 weeks notice at my job and my dad and my brother helped me pack all my belongings apart from 1 x 23kilo suitcase into the attic of my home, while I rented it out.

I continued to see Hala throughout the next 3 months on a weekly basis, preparing me and healing my soul. These sessions allowed me to tap into my amazing strength, creativity and and coping mechanisms, that I didn’t even realise that I had.. This time of transition allowed me to tap into my creativity and had me asking question. What would I do?? I can’t really do nothing. Hmmm!….Printed Stainless Steel water bottles as gifts and souvenirs. This will also help save the increasing use of plastic in Bali….why not see if you can do a business in Bali, I asked myself? Remember this was in 2010 and the movement to reduce plastic and drink and drink from stainless steel was only a whisper. We found a supplier and with the help of my niece I was off and running. fast forward to 2019 I met my soul mate and the man of my dreams through a family friend in 2013 and he became my husband in 2016. We shared our dreams living in Bali and Australia. Our water bottles went global, supplying resorts, businesses, hotels and retreats. My beautiful daughter is happily married and I know have a grandson.

On my visits back to Australia I still go and have healing sessions with Hala. I am truly grateful to Hala and her amazing gifts of healing. I can honestly say without her I wouldn’t be where I am today. Those 2 weeks after my first session were crucial in me making the decisions that changed my life. It is truly inspiring to see Hala’s healing centre created from her incredibly smart, intelligent and intuitive mind.

Change is not always an easy road and if you’re unhappy and considering taking the steps to change. Just step off the edge and fly. Hala will help you find your wings.

Michel K