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At Aurelia, we champion the belief that good health and happiness are inherent rights, not privileges.
Our commitment extends to providing accessible holistic well-being for all. Through the transformative power of Energy Healing, amplified by the cutting-edge EESystem, we empower individuals on their journey to vibrant health and enduring happiness. Explore the synergy of ancient practices and modern technology with us, as we guide you toward embracing your inherent right to holistic well-being

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What is the EESYSTEM?

In the 21st Century, stress is defined as normal work life balance is fleeting, making life feel more like a burden rather than a blessing

Our fast-paced environment leaves us sick and tired with an inability to keep up. How can we possibly take the time out needed to Rest, Recharge and Regenerate. Aurelia Energy Healing is an Energy Healing Clinic also known as an ENERGY SPA, which is taking the practice of Wellness into the 21st Century.

We know the ‘energy that made the body heals the body’, and in Aurelia’s signature Energy Hall, we have successfully merged the practice of Energy Healing with the latest scientifically proven

Bio-Photonic and Scalar Wave Technology, invented and produced by Dr Sandra Rose Michael –

We know our bodies and minds are constantly bombarded with emotional and physical stress. Not to mention Wi Fi, EMFs, mobile phones, microwave, and all manner of radiation. Aurelia Energy Healing has designed its signature Energy Hall to cocoon us from this bombardment by using the EESYSTEM providing life enhancing energy fields

called Bio Scalar Waves and Bio Photons, communicating to everyone at a superluminal speed (faster than speed of light).

I call it “Happy Wi-Fi” as it communicates directly to our cells and subconscious, but we can’t see it, allowing our body and mind to Rest, Recharge and Regenerate on a cellular level.

These energy fields also heighten our state of awareness, giving us a higher level of consciousness and enhancing our ability to better cope with whatever life throws at us.

Bio Scalar Waves are clinically proven to boost immune function, activating healthy detoxification and balancing left and right brain hemispheres as shown by EEG testing.

Once you’ve arrived at the Aurelia Energy Healing reception, our friendly staff are here to help.

You’ll be ushered to your private space where your relaxation and cellular recharge begins while relaxing in your luxury recliner chair in the tranquil energy hall for an hour or so.

We have proudly had our 24 UNIT Energy Enhancement System, EESYSTEM since 2017

Healthy frequencies enhance the molecular activity in the body, helping you to regenerate.

You Rest your body and mind while Recharging your cells and Regenerating yourself from the inside out, allowing you to become your optimum self.

Once your session has finished, you’ll enjoy a refreshment in the lounge before you get back to life recharged and ready to go.

Come and experience our Energy Hall with our highly acclaimed EESYSTEM, changing the world of health management to new heights

Allowing you to take control of your own health including the ability to De-Stress making new neural pathways to promote critical thinking.

When we think without stress, we can make better decisions paving the way for a happy safe and successful life.

A session is one hour, but generally we recommend a minimum of 2 hours for optimal results.

It’s important to remember the process of charging yourselves is cumulative and we as electrical beings, all recharge in different ways.

If you choose, the energy hall experience can be tailored to you by our consultants at the clinic, allowing you to understand your body better and achieve the best regeneration for you.

We look forward to being part of your Healing journey!

EESystem at Aurelia Energy Healing A Life Force Energy Spa

The EESYSTEM works in the realm of life force energy, infusing the Mind Body and Spirit with revitalizing power and bestowing overall health and pain relief upon you as you relax in its field.

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It’s not just about the physical healing, but about the innermost journey of the soul.

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